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Welcome to GGHigh Art!  My name is Stacey and I'm a brushless hand artist.  I create oil paintings without brushes or pallet knives. Instead I rely 100% on my hands...fingers, knuckles, palms, nails...anything above the wrist is fair game.

It has taken me a minute to hone in on an image size that allows me to capture those tricky features like lashes or lip lines, or even spaces between teeth.  But the journey has been worth it.  I love oils, I love texture and I especially love...NOT CLEANING BRUSHES!

I decided to make my dad's name, G.G. High, the signature of my work.  He passed away when both he and I were very young.  But if I've ever known a polymath in my life, it was my dad.  He was science-minded, inventive, a storyteller, a technology whiz, a jet engine specialist, a whittler, a cow whisperer and oh yes, an artist!  The life he lived inspires me to think broadly and set no boundaries - a perfect foundation for creating stuff!

Check out the Gallery for a sense of my work.  Here you'll find pieces from THE BEST OF US Project (, the TRIANGLE HOOPLA Project as well as commissioned pieces.  

(By the way, that's my dad on the left with his twin brother. My uncle tells me they were fresh off a schoolyard fight in this photo, so that explains the grim faces.  Still..they're awfully cute, right? :-D)

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