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The BEST OF US Project

THE BEST OF US Project celebrates people in our community who often go uncelebrated and yet... something wouldn't be right if they weren't there, doing what they do. It's a project intended to introduce us to ourselves and shine a light on the many things we are...beyond what we THINK we see. 


We begin in Durham, NC where I'll be photographing these amazing people, oil painting them with my hands and writing a narrative so we can know one another better.  Learn more about the BEST OF US Project at  


The TRIANGLE HOOPLA Project recognizes the amazing history of NCAA Men's College Basketball in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC.  Nowhere else in the country can we find four universities within 20 miles of one another who, between them, share thirteen NCAA championships plus four MEAC championships.  The TRIANGLE HOOPLA Project includes paintings from the final games of each of these championships.  Final games that ended with a Blue Devil, Eagle, Tarheel or Wolfpack team holding the coveted title of NUMBER ONE!



Duke - NCAA Champions 

Final Game vs Butler


Duke - NCAA Champions 

Final Game vs Wisconsin

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