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Commissioned Works


Commissioned art can be a great way to bring personal elements into the places you love most.  Whether you’re giving a gift or investing in keepsake pieces, a commissioned GG High Art painting lets you capture something special, for always.


Here’s more about how GG High Art commissions work:



Almost always, I use a photograph as a guide for my work.  In some cases, clients provide me with a photograph they would like me to replicate. As long as the resolution is there and I can put my heart into it, that works fine.  When clients don't have a particular photograph in mind, though, I LOVE taking them myself.  I'm not a professional photographer by any stretch, but my camera is crazy amazing, so I'm usually able to get some great photos.  I don't charge anything for this because it's really a win-win.  My client gets a batch of digital (edited) photos for their own use, I get an interesting, high-resolution photo for the painting and boom!...away we go!  


The last piece of the planning puzzle is size.  It always helps to have a particular space in mind.  Because I'm painting with my hands, I don't gravitate toward smaller work.  My preference is a minimum of 18in X 24in, with most of my work being a good bit larger.  Subjects in my paintings are generally life-size.  I paint on oak-trimmed birch panels, which is smoother than traditional "bumpy" canvases. I also treat, stain and poly the wood trim, which gives the painting a finished feel.  Once I understand where you want to hang the painting, it's easy enough to pick a size that will fit perfectly.  




Generally, the time between a commission request and the completion of a painting is around 2-3 months at the most, with some variation around holidays, etc.  When you approach me with a commission project, I can tell you right away what's in the queue and where your project would fall time-wise.




GG High Art’s medium of choice is oil on 1.5-2.5-inch depth oak-trimmed birch panels.

Prices are generally as follows:


18inx24in Painting $800+

24inx36in Painting $1700+

30inx40in Painting $2500+

36inx48in Painting $3700+

48inX48in Painting $5200+

+Prices can be more if a painting requires inordinate detail, timelines require project shifting, etc.


If you are interested in a painting larger than the sizes shown above, please contact me directly for pricing.  


Thank you for your interest in commissioned work from G.G. High Art.  I love all of my clients, but it is always extra fun to learn how my work can bring something extra special to you and yours.  Call or email today and I'm glad to answer any other questions you may have.  


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